Readily biodegradable hydrocarbon mitigation/remediation solution
Australian Standard AS4351-2 for readily biodegradation

From the dawn of the 20th century, the oil industry has been the main driving force to economies around the world, as demand for energy had grown, so did our industry. We now have oil wells on land and at sea, we have refineries near our shores and amongst populated areas, we have fuel depots and service stations nearly on every block.

Hydrocarbon contamination became a real issue since the discovery of its carcinogenic properties. We now have strict regulations for handling and mitigating the effects of contaminated land and waterways. For so long the chemical industry tried with some success to neutralise hydrocarbon plumes. This came at a cost to our environment, as hydrocarbons were neutralised, other hazardous chemicals were added eg: nonyl phenols, ammonia, hydroxides, strong acids, phosphates etc.

EN2000 First Response® was invented from the ground up, to satisfy all criteria, every stage was tested and bona fide before moving to the next. Over 4 years of research and development has been conducted in order to ensure the superiority of EN2000 First Response®. The result is a world class product that will remediate hydrocarbon based contamination, ensuring that once it is used, no further environmental contingent liabilities are created.

EN2000 First Response® has been designed as a solution with these core objectives:
1. To emulsify most hydrocarbon chain lengths and prepare them for the natural biodegradation process through naturally occurring bacteria at land and sea
2. Emulsify VOC's and sulphide gases
3. It must not add or facilitate the addition of foreign residue that will impact on the environment; ie the 'cane toad' effect

EN2000 First Response® emulsifies hydrocarbons on contact, minimising the dangers of explosion and flash backs by engulfing VOCs.

EN2000 First Response® will start the biodegradation process immediately.

is the only product in the world boasting all of its unique qualities:

  • Water based solution for ease of dilution in the field
  • Made from the highest quality & most biodegradable materials available
  • All ingredients in EN2000 First Response® are from renewable sources
  • Tested for biodegradability, passed & exceeded the Australian Standard AS4351-2
  • Field operations report that EN2000 First Responseā„¢ controls VOC's at an instant
  • Effectively engulfs & keeps at bay all BTEX's, chlorinated hydrocarbons, methane, sulphide gases to name a few
  • Australian invented, made, packaged & owned


undertakes to continue development and improvement whenever possible to maintain EN2000 First Response® at the forefront of hydrocarbon mitigation solutions both domestically and internationally.

can be used in the following applications:

  • Spill clean up of oils & volatile hydrocarbons
  • Odour control of hydrocarbon and biological waste
  • Spills on soil
  • Spills on roadways and pavement
  • Clean up of storage tanks/vessels insitu or exsitu
  • Vapor suppression
  • Wet scrubbing
  • On water ways


Green Landfill/General Waste Gas Odours

Bad odours result from the biodegradation of biological waste in the absence of oxygen, the likes of green waste, leachate, normal household and biological industrial waste. Most produced gases are odourless, methanes, carbon dioxides, these gases can be collected and turned into a highly needed energy source. That leaves us with a range of highly odourous gases, these are best known as sulphide gases, eg: rotten rubbish, rotten egg smells. These gases are harmful in many ways not the least is the general wellbeing of anybody who is exposed to it.

EN2000 First Response® was initially developed for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon plumes and the remediation of contaminated sites; former petrol stations, fuel depots, refineries etc. While being applied in a site in NSW the operator encountered a natural biological seam around 1 metre in depth, the odour was so bad local Council and EPA almost closed the site. It is then that we discovered that EN2000 First Response® can control sulphide gases as well as BTEX's.

EN2000 First Response® had been used at dilution rates unheard of previously after the initial dilution of 50:1, the rate was then decreased to 200:1 and only increased as required eg. when new seams or previously untreated material was encountered.

From numerous field tests EN2000 First Response® has demonstrated its ability to control both leachate water, as well as compost and green waste odours. Although this work is still in progress and further testing is ongoing, the best analysing instrument of odours in the world, the human nose was convinced that EN2000 First Response® eliminated the bad odours instantly.

EN2000 First Response® is a certified and proven "readily biodegradable" product. EN2000 First Response® is certified to Australian Standards AS4351-2.